The Friends of Camperdown are pleased to have reciprocal web links with associated organisations, sponsors and the wider maritime history and naval community.

Dundee - The City of Discovery
Dundee City own Camperdown House and took the lead in the 2004 celebrations and mounting a special exhibition at the house - see the 2004 Events page.

The National Museums of Scorland
Who have artefacts and memorabilia of Duncan and the battle.

Historic Scotland
Camperdown House is listed on this heritage site who are concerned with Scotland's built heritage and the nation's history from the earliest times. The thread reaches from prehistoric standing stones to medieval castles and formal great gardens through to Georgian houses, Victorian factories and Second World War defences.

Scottish Cultural Resources Analysis Network
You can find references to Admiral Duncan, the battle and camperdown house on this learning website which has access to quality images, sounds, movies and learning resources. There are over 300,000 images from museums, galleries and archives at

A detailed account of the Battle of Camperdown
Compliments of Michael Dun or Broughty Ferry, who set up a website with information about the Battle of Camperdown at

National Galleries of Scotland
Who have paintings of Admiral Duncan and the Battle.

National Maritime Museum
The National Maritime Museum Greenwich was founded by the National Maritime Museum Act in 1934 and opened to the public in 1937. The Museum is the largest maritime museum in the world, covering every aspect of ships and seafaring, in peace and at war, from pre-history to today. The collections illustrate themes of Britain and the sea, empire and cultural interchange, sea-power, maritime technology, exploration and navigation. The Museum also incorporates the Royal Observatory Greenwich and the Queen's House.

Navy Records Society
The Navy Records Society was founded in 1893 by a small group of historians, naval officers, publicists and statesmen lead by Professor Sir John Knox Laughton and Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge. Their object was to publish original materials on the history of the Royal Navy, as the basis for the development of policy and doctrine. The Society, which has charitable status, continues to flourish through the support of a truly international membership. At present members receive at least one volume per annum, often two, and the Society has an impressive list of titles awaiting publication.

Society for Nautical Research

Unofficial Naval History Site

The Royal Navy Web Site
With 4/5ths of the earth surface covered in water, the maritime world is vast and complex where 'naval matters'.

The Royal Navy and Royal marines offers an amazing range of careers on or under the sea, on land and in the air. If you are thinking about a career in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, their Reserves, Queen Alexandra Royal or Naval Nurses here are some useful links:

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