Friends initiated and were central to the planning and organisation of the 200th Anniversary of the the Battle of Camperdown. British and Dutch warships were present.


Friends visit to Edinburgh Castle to view Duncan material held by the Scottish War Museum


Bicentenary of Admiral Duncan's death. In conjunction with Dundee City Council. Friends organised a special Exhibition at Camperdown House and provided volunteeers to man it. Special Church Service at Lundie Kirk.


Donation of Bench with plaque to Camperdown Park overlooking the Camperdown Elm to mark on Trafalgar Day the bicentenary of the Battle. Involvement with the Woodland Trust in the creation of a special Wood dedicated to Admiral Duncan at Clatto Park (part of the original Camperdown Estate)


Organised visit of Friends to the Scottish Parliament to see the oak used for the floor of the debating chamber that was felled and milled in the Camperdown Estate.

" A Local Hero! Admiral Duncan". A unique presentation by P5 pupils from Ardler, Brackens and St Fergus Primary Schools exploring the life of Scotland's foremost Naval Hero, Admiral Adam Duncan. In Camperdown Park on 27 September.

2010 - 20 September 2010 to 16 October


Venue: Dundee Central Library

The Exhibition is being organised by the Friends of Camperdown House in conjunction with the Arts and Leisure Dept of Dundee City Council.

It will have three main themes:

  1. The Career of Admiral Adam Duncan.
  2. The Building and Launch of the new Type 45 Destroyer HMS DUNCAN which has been adopted by the City of Dundee.
  3. The Activities of the Friends of Camperdown House from the time of the Bicentenary Celebrations of the Battle of Camperdown in 1997.

2010 - 11 OCTOBER 2010

Launch of HMS DUNCAN at Scotstoun Yard Clydebank. A Friends of Camperdown "outing" is being arranged

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